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About fifteen minutes North of Denver, there is a wonderful place called Broken Shovels Farm where animals are safe, happy and always up for a good snuggle!Broken Shovels Farm

The farm started as a slaughter-free goat dairy, and has transitioned into a full-blown farm rescue with cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, turkeys and even cows, in addition to the many goats.

Broken Shovels FarmBroken Shovels Farm

Free Open Farm Days

Throughout the year, this urban farm hosts open farm markets on Sundays. These free events are the perfect opportunity to meet the animals of the farm and purchase some delicious goat cheese! (Note: make sure to wear closed-toe shoes, this is a farm!)

Broken Shovels Farm

Each year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the farm also has a special “Thanks-living” celebration, complete with vegetarian vendors and lots of loving animals to meet. We had the pleasure of joining this wonderful celebration of life and love this year, and we had a fantastic time!

Broken Shovels FarmHowever, my favorite time to visit the farm is in spring… because BABIES! Duh! Baby goats have to be the silliest, most wonderfully loving creatures ever… and they are the best snugglers!

Broken Shovels Farm

It is always so heartwarming to get to spend a day with these peaceful farm animals. We try to get out to this amazing, unique place at least once a season!

Broken Shovels Farm

To stay informed of future events, be sure to like them on Facebook! You haven’t lived until you’ve snuggled a goat, trust me!

In need of some animal therapy? Broken Shovels Farm near Denver, Colorado is a wonderful place with happy, safe, loving creatures who are always up for a snuggle! From goats to cows to chickens, there are friends here for everyone.#colorado #denver #animaltherapy #brokenshovelsfarm #farm #goats