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Why Westminster is the Perfect Base for Colorado Explorations

Before we set off on the road to travel full-time, we had a home city for five years that we were actually quite in...

14 Unforgettable Places in New Mexico

Before our month-long visit to New Mexico last year, it was just that state with the really cool balloon festival in the fall. But,...

A Colorado Rocky Mountain Vow Renewal (+ Why We Recommitted after 7 Years)

We tend to be a silly, laid-back couple. But, there are a few things in this life we take very seriously, and one of...

A Relaxing Resort Getaway in Black Hawk, Colorado

Sometimes we just really want to stay somewhere extra fancy with a giant tub we both fit in and everything we need just a...
rv for sale

Why We Decided to Stop Full-Time RVing

It is strange to be writing this less than a year after getting our RV, but sometimes life changes and we change right along...
rv camping budget

Types of RV Camping: Budget & Comfort Considerations

Not all RV camping is created equally. Deciding what option is right for us has involved a lot of trial and error. There are...
chasing fall in vermont

Chasing Fall in Vermont

Standing in a kaleidoscope forest, breathing in the freshness of the cool air and listening to the light rain slowly drip through the branches...

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