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In 2017, we quit our office jobs and set off on an often-challenging, always-interesting adventure to find a new life path. After some trial and error (including a year in an RV), we enjoyed international pet sitting for about three years as digital nomads. Now we live full-time in Hawaii where we volunteer, plan future travels, and pet sit locally.

We’re pretty transparent around here and enjoy sharing our lessons learned when it comes to travel, the nomad life, and house sitting. Of course, we share about all the awesome destinations we visit and unique experiences we have as well.

Come trail away (and likely get lost) with us!

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Wallabies in Waimate & Steampunk in Oamaru, NZ

Wallabies in Waimate & Steampunk in Oamaru, NZ

One of the most interesting areas in all of New Zealand is Oamaru. We had driven right by on our initial trip to the South Island, but upon our return, we heard about the Victorian architecture and overall Steampunk theme there and we knew we had to check it out....

Unforgettable Little Blue Penguins Tour in Akaroa

Unforgettable Little Blue Penguins Tour in Akaroa

When we got the official Visa acceptance notification and realized we'd have an additional six months in New Zealand, we knew our mission: see as many penguins as possible. We had tried with no luck at some of the popular viewing areas earlier in the year, but this...

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