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Immersed in History in Bath – England’s Famous Spa Town

As we soaked on the rooftop pool of the gorgeous Thermae Spa, admiring the early-morning views of the historic city below, I couldn't help...

An Amazing Example of Italian Hospitality in Verona

Sometimes nothing goes as planned and sometimes it is for all the best reasons. On a recent short stop in Verona, Italy, over the...

Scenic Salzburg, Austria – A Two-Day Winter Visit

It is no secret that our December trip to Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria was spurred by our my desire to experience Christmas winter...

A Relaxing & Romantic Winter Stop in Liechtenstein

We love places that aren’t filled with tourists. Those wonderful small towns where you can find yourself alone on a street in the middle...
house and pet sitting

First Impressions of Traveling Full-Time by House and Pet Sitting

When we decided to sell our RV, we seriously considered getting an apartment in the Denver area again and basing our travels out of...
Trusted Housesitters

Top 14 Questions We Get Asked About House Sitting

Since beginning our full-time pet and house sitting journey about five months ago, we have gotten a lot of great and oddly blunt questions....
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Pets Cared For
Days of Sits
rv for sale

Why We Decided to Stop Full-Time RVing

It is strange to be writing this less than a year after getting our RV, but sometimes life changes and we change right along...
rv camping budget

Types of RV Camping: Budget & Comfort Considerations

Not all RV camping is created equally. Deciding what option is right for us has involved a lot of trial and error. There are...

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Why We’re Not Planning for Retirement

As full-time travelers and freelancers, one of the top questions we get – from family, friends, and well-meaning strangers – is “but what will...

To Colorado, With Love (Why We Moved)

It seems like everyone in this gorgeous state has an interesting story behind how they ended up moving to Colorado. But our cross-country move was...

A Week By the River in Texas: Embracing Slow Travel

When we decided to become location independent, we had a lot of talks about where we would go once we hit the road. It...

5 TRIPS for a HAPPY Marriage

I used to think that "falling out of love" was some kind of mysterious disease that destroyed half of all marriages without warning. Now,...


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