Home Flexible: Stories from Life as a Nomadic House Sitter

Frustrated from a failed attempt at full-time RV living, Brooke and her husband Buddy decided to try out being traveling house sitters as a last-ditch effort to pursue their dream of a nomadic lifestyle. Three years, 30 countries, and dozens of furry friends later, Home Flexible is a funny and entertaining collection of their best pet and housesitting stories.

Get a Sneak Peek of Our Traveling House Sitter Adventures …

If you’ve ever wondered what does a house sitter do, Brooke openly shares first-hand accounts and insights into the realities of traveling full-time through long-term house sitting. These hilarious, inspiring, and unexpected stories offer an authentic look into an unconventional lifestyle of adventure travel, pet shenanigans, and constantly expanded comfort zones.

This book is not a guide to house sitting or budget travel, it is an opportunity to be transported to other places, cultures, and ways of life through compelling storytelling and imagery. Learn what it’s like to retire in rural Spain, uncover hidden gems on the islands of Hawaii, brave the arctic cold during a dark winter in Iceland, encounter a bear while walking a dog in the Colorado wilderness, and so much more!

Whether you are interested in trying out an unconventional lifestyle or just love a good travel memoir, these short stories of what life as a nomadic pet and house sitter is really like are sure to make you smile, laugh, tear up a little, and maybe even see the world in a slightly more hopeful hue.

13 Entertaining Travel Stories

  1. A Salty Start in Utah
  2. Bear Herding in Colorado
  3. Mo’ Bettah Molokai
  4. Soaked in Scotland
  5. Spanish Sunsets and Siestas
  6. Feline Friends in a French Farmhouse
  7. Can’t Krampus Our German Christmas
  8. Life After Lava in Pahoa
  9. A Shaky Start in Greece
  10. Our Roundabout Route to Sweden
  11. Capturing Moments in Montenegro
  12. Forty Dark Days of Winter in Iceland
  13. Embraced by New Zealand

Plus – an afterword about where we are now!

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