About Us

Trailing Away is a blog by Brooke & Buddy Baum about travel and outdoor adventures in amazing places around the world. This collection of awesome hiking trails, epic adventures, unforgettable road trips, and travel lessons is meant to inspire you to get out and explore, to search near and far for beautiful places, make memories and capture moments. (Read some of our best articles here).

activities in Gros Morne National Park

We started this blog in Colorado in 2015. Then, after a few years of occasional plane travel, we traveled full-time in an RV for a year (read more about that here). Once we got the hang of being digital nomads, we decided to ditch the wheels and find a way to travel much further than before!

Baum RV

In April 2018, we became full-time housesitters and absolutely love it! This new journey has already taken us to some amazing places, and with so many international options, is sure to lead us to plenty more unexpected and incredible destinations. (Read more about our initial thoughts on housesitting here).

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About Brooke & Buddy (the couple behind Trailing Away)

We are a super silly couple, with a strong love for each other, photography, nature and exploration. When we aren’t outside or taking photos, most of our time is spent laughing, getting lost, spending time with animals, listening to old-school hip-hop and debating what to eat.

Although we are both originally from North Florida, we love the mountains. (Which is what sparked our cross-country move to Colorado!)


We aren’t amazing athletes, death-defying adrenaline seekers or the perfect couple. But we do consider ourselves experts at just winging it. Thankfully, faith and patience go a long way! And we definitely have an adventurous side. (You just won’t see us flying around in one of those wingsuits anytime soon).

Most importantly, we love to share what we learn along the way. (Usually with some hilarious anecdotes mixed in with our helpful tips and pretty photos). And we love meeting new people during our travels. So if you see us out on a trail, please say hi! 🙂


Why We Chose a Life of Full-Time Adventure & Travel

In Spring of 2017, we quit our desk jobs, sold almost all our stuff and hit the road as full-time RVers. Our driving force then and now is to do what we love as much as possible: be outside together! We feel so blessed to be on this journey and are excited to take our time to really get to know the places we visit and the people that make it special.

There will be lots of hiking, many lessons to learn and countless adventures. And we have no end date in mind for this exciting life experiment.

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About Brooke: The Writer

Brooke loves to be in new places. Her desire to travel began at a young age when her Omi would tell her stories of life in Germany and about traveling across Europe. And as soon as she learned how to write, it was obvious that would be the outlet for her creativity. In addition to this blog, she is also Editor of Winnebago’s lifestyle blog, WinnebagoLife.com.

She fell in love with hiking after moving to Colorado. Although Brooke has never been the athletic type, she continues to push herself physically and mentally during outdoor adventures. Because the fresh air and views are totally worth it!

Gros Morne National Park

About Buddy: The Photographer

Buddy has been in love with photography ever since he picked up a crappy point-and-shoot over a decade ago. He is most excited to capture waterfalls, birds and embarrassing photos of Brooke. He is the awesome eye behind the photography on this site and also has his own nature photography site.

Plus, he is super friggin’ smart! He spent almost 10 years as a self-taught data analyst. Now he takes care of all the behind-the-scenes tech stuff for the blog and helps other people build out their websites on the side!

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Every trail, every new adventure is an opportunity to discover more about ourselves and this beautiful world we live in… and to share those discoveries with all of you! We do our best to capture the beauty we experience through words and photos. But nothing compares to the real thing…. go find a trail and see for yourself!