harry potter studio tour

A Trip to Hogwarts at Warner Brothers Studio Tour London

We are strong believers in the need for a little magic in this world to inspire imagination, creativity, and hope. Which is why we both...
immersed in history in bath - thermae spa

Immersed in History in Bath – England’s Famous Spa Town

As we soaked on the rooftop pool of the gorgeous Thermae Spa, admiring the early-morning views of the historic city below, I couldn't help...
italian hospitality - verona italy

An Amazing Example of Italian Hospitality in Verona

Sometimes nothing goes as planned and sometimes it is for all the best reasons. On a recent short stop in Verona, Italy, over the...
scenic, salzburg austria

Scenic Salzburg, Austria – A Two-Day Winter Visit

It is no secret that our December trip to Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria was spurred by our my desire to experience Christmas winter...
Winter Stop in Liechtenstein castle

A Relaxing & Romantic Winter Stop in Liechtenstein

We love places that aren’t filled with tourists. Those wonderful small towns where you can find yourself alone on a street in the middle...

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