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Favorite Places in Salt Lake City (& Great Day Trips)

Between the Great Salt Lake and Wasatch mountain range lies a unique place called Salt Lake City. When first arriving for our two-week stay...

First Impressions of Traveling Full-Time by House and Pet Sitting

When we decided to sell our RV, we seriously considered getting an apartment in the Denver area again and basing our travels out of...

An Other-Worldly Night Out at Bonneville Salt Flats

We were just looking for an epic sunset spot near Salt Lake City, and the unique landscape of Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats kept showing...

Mystic Hot Springs & Hippie Bus Hideaway in Utah

Sometimes we put a lot of thought into our travel plans, but mostly we just wing it. Like, when we booked all of our...

6 Questions We’ve Been Asking Since Moving from Colorado

About a year ago, we made the big decision to start looking into a life of full-time RV travel. Although we loved where we...
rv for sale

Why We Decided to Stop Full-Time RVing

It is strange to be writing this less than a year after getting our RV, but sometimes life changes and we change right along...
rv camping budget

Types of RV Camping: Budget & Comfort Considerations

Not all RV camping is created equally. Deciding what option is right for us has involved a lot of trial and error. There are...
chasing fall in vermont

Chasing Fall in Vermont

Standing in a kaleidoscope forest, breathing in the freshness of the cool air and listening to the light rain slowly drip through the branches...

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