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If you are looking for a getaway you will not soon forget, consider breaking out your passport for a fun and exciting trip to Canada’s beautiful Vancouver Island – just a few hours from Washington. Our Seattle to Vancouver Island road trip itinerary will give you all the tips you need for an amazing extended weekend away that you can enjoy any time of year (and in any weather). Plus, the drive from Seattle to Vancouver is breathtaking!

Seattle to Vancouver Island Road Trip Itinerary

But first, I have a confession to make. This trip almost didn’t happen. It was planned for mid-October – before storm season was supposed to be in full swing. However, the day before we were supposed to leave, I started reading about this “typhoon-enhanced storm” that was due to hit Vancouver Island HARD! I even read on one site that there may be record flooding and other issues. Not exactly what we were hoping for.

After I had whipped myself up into a full-blown panic, I broke the news to Buddy. Ever the mellow one, my husband calmly said “Well, I’d rather deal with that than stay here and work.” And, I agreed. So, we went – with all the rain gear we owned and an upgraded rental (from a sedan to a 4-wheel-drive truck).

MAp infographic showing our route from Seattle to Port Alberni, BC, which took 14 hours and 35 minutes

Luckily, the weather wasn’t so bad. It just rained the entire time, but we expected some rain anyway – it is the PNW! To get the most out of this trip, I would suggest giving yourself at least four days. But, an entire week would be ideal! Also, make sure you are realistic about the weather and come prepared (like we did).

Rain is common many times of the year, but this is still a fantastic trip regardless of how wet you get! And, splashing around or storm-watching may even be your favorite part.

Seattle to Vancouver Island Road Trip: How to Get to Vancouver Island

Make Your Escape from Seattle

Traffic in Seattle can get pretty crazy. So, learn from our mistake and don’t leave right around rush hour. The drive from Seattle to Vancouver Island is already long enough, don’t add time to it by sitting in traffic.

If you are flying into Seattle, try to plan to get there in the middle of the day or late afternoon. And same goes for if you are just heading out from somewhere local. If you happen to hit a ton of traffic, you can always stop to check out a nearby restaurant or find a new trail to explore!

Beautiful mountain with snow on the top during our Seattle to Vancouver Island Road Trip

Once you escape the busy city, head to Port Angeles where the ferry to Victoria, BC, is located. This is a gorgeous 2.5-3 hour drive from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. But, if you are planning to take the early-morning ferry to Victoria, I’d suggest staying overnight in Port Angeles rather than trying to drive early in the morning.

We loved our stay at Domaine Madeleine B&B – the views, the rooms, and the four-course breakfast were all outstanding!

Domaine Madeleine, Port Angeles, Washington

(DID YOU KNOW?: Port Angeles is in a tsunami zone… it was news to me! I read a handy pamphlet that said we should feel an earthquake first which is the signal to book it to higher ground. It was strangely comforting that there should at least be a warning.)

Take the Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria

Yes, you can drive to Vancouver Island – technically. But, you aren’t going to make the drive from Seattle to Vancouver Island without taking a ferry.

The Black Ball Ferry Line in Port Angeles has a convenient 90-minute ferry ride that is offered multiple times a day throughout most of the year. The ride itself is very relaxing and offers chances to spot birds and sea life, plus some great views on a clear day. You can board the ferry as a walk-on, bike-on, or drive-on passenger.

Black Ball Ferry leaving Port Angeles

A few things to note when taking the ferry to Vancouver Island:

  • A passport is required since you will be entering Canada. However, they won’t stamp it (bummer, I know).
  • You can make reservations online. Although they aren’t required, I highly suggest them if you are on a time-sensitive trip.
  • Drive-on passengers must get to the ferry terminal 60 minutes early when departing Port Angeles and 90 minutes when leaving Victoria.
  • The ferry line offers free round-trip tickets to passengers traveling on their birthday. You just have to be leaving on your actual birthday.
  • There is a duty-free store on the ship that opens about halfway through the trip and closes before reaching your destination.
  • When you get to Victoria/return to Port Angeles, the border patrol will drill you about why you are there/what you did. Have a good answer prepared. They don’t seem to like it when you are vague, so try to give details.
Brooke and Buddy arriving by Ferry to Victoria on their road trip from Seattle to Vancouver Island

Explore Central Vancouver Island

Depending on your plans, you may choose to hang out in Victoria for a few hours first, but we couldn’t wait to get out of the big city and get out onto some trails! Luckily, there are some stunning areas to explore in Central Vancouver Island – many of which are Provincial Parks!

Leaves on a boardwalk trail in mcmillian park

We were initially supposed to head to Tofino with a few stops along the way. However they had just gotten hit hard by the first of three large storms, so our kind B&B hosts called to warn us that trees were down in the road and there was no power.

We decided to heed their warnings and stay on the eastern side of the island where the weather wasn’t as severe – just constant drizzle and the occasional strong winds.

Exploring the beaches of Parksville

Staying in Parksville, BC

Lucky for us, we were able to tack on an extra night at the beautiful Beach Club Resort in Parksville. This turned out to be the perfect base for our explorations, and we were so excited to have a luxurious suite to warm up in after hours of getting drizzled on. Plus, the nearby boardwalk made for a great place to stroll and spot animals.

View towards the beach club resort in parksville bc

Other great places to check out nearby are Top Bridge Park and Rathtrevor Beach – you can even check out both on one long walk or bike ride. And Coombs is a great little town to grab dinner (Cuckoo Trattoria & Pizzeria is amazing) or some groceries. Even if you don’t have a shopping list, check out the goats on the roof at the market. Definitely a unique experience!

Water flowing under Top Bridge in Top Bridge park

Exploring Gorgeous Waterfalls in Vancouver Island

We love waterfalls. I mean, we have done some dumb things to see a beautiful waterfall. And I have to say, Vancouver Island waterfalls are some of the best I’ve seen. Plus, we didn’t even have to work hard or put our lives in danger to see them!

Both the Englishman River Falls and Little Qualicum Falls trails loop around these two gorgeous falls and are only about 2 miles round trip. Although these two parks are about 15 minutes apart, the trails are very similar – taking you along the canyon and across bridges to view different points of the falls.

Englishman River Falls and Little Qualicum Falls

Free Spirit Spheres

When I discovered these gorgeous, insanely unique circular treehouses I was so excited to stay in one. Unfortunately, they did not have any availability during our trip – Free Spirit Spheres books out fast. But, Jamie did agree to give us a tour so we could check them out in person. And, I’m so glad we had the opportunity to meet with him! (Note: Tours are available by appointment only).

The Free Spirit Spheres hanging in the tree's

I still want to stay the night suspended in one of these amazing Free Spirit Spheres! However, climbing up ladders and across bridges to peak inside a few of these inspiring creations was a real treat, too. And, getting to learn about them from an insider was extra special. We loved chatting with Jamie and really appreciated the time he took to meet with us. We even got to visit the workshop where the mastermind himself was working on some new spheres. They are truly a work of art.

Seeing how the Free Spirit Spheres are made

Cathedral Grove – A Favorite of Vancouver Island Hikes

Walking along the giant, ancient trees in McMillian Provincial Park’s Cathedral Grove is a must on your drive from Seattle to Vancouver Island. There are plenty of short hike options with great rewards.

However, if it gets too windy definitely make a b-line back to your car. You don’t want to get knocked out by one of these beauties!

Uprooted Douglas Fir Tree in Cathedral Grove on vancouver island

Secret Roadside Trail Near Port Alberni

We had some relief from the rain for a few hours and decided to go driving. We knew it was probably still a bad idea to try to get all the way to Tofino since it is supposed to be a steep, winding road and we weren’t sure if there were still downed trees. However, we drove about 30 minutes passed Port Alberni to enjoy the scenery. We eventually decided to turn around at what looked like a nice little overlook with parking.

Overlook on side of road near port alberni

Surprisingly, there was an unmarked trail that led to the shores of Sproat Lake, which we had been driving along. Here are the GPS coordinates: N 49° 16′ 43” / W 125° 6′ 49”. Across the way, there was a tall waterfall spilling into the lake, and we were surrounded by a foggy, peaceful silence that we were all too happy to soak in for as long as we could.

Brooke and Buddy on the shore of a foggy sproat lake

[BONUS] Spend a Day in Tofino

The weather didn’t cooperate for our trip, but Tofino is a must-see on any road trip to Vancouver Island if you are able. Go on a whale watching, hot spring, or bear spotting tour if you can! Or watch storms if it is the right time of year – this area is famous for it. And, usually, they aren’t too disruptive.

Sip Cider at Merridale Cidery

Eventually, it will be time to head back to Victoria to catch the ferry to the U.S. But, don’t miss out on visiting Merridale Cidery – a great little cidery and distillery about 45 minutes outside of Victoria. The drinks are delicious and exploring the apple orchard makes you feel like a kid – or a happily tipsy adult!

Brooke on a bike for a tour of merridale cidery

Self-guided tours are available during operating hours, as well as tastings. They even have a restaurant with some delicious options to pair with your cider or cocktail.

merridale cidery farm and a tasting sample of multiple ciders

Visit Victoria

Spend a few hours or a whole day exploring beautiful, historic Victoria if time allows! If you have at least half a day, the Butchart Gardens are world-famous for their beauty! And, for those more interested in history or architecture, Craigdarroch Castle and Hatley Park National Historic Site are also nearby. Plus, there are many wonderful dining options!

parliament building in Victoria BC

Attractions within walking distance of the ferry terminal include:

This is your last stop before hopping back on the ferry to the U.S., so make the most of your final hours in British Columbia!

Water Taxi with Canadian flag in Victoria, British Columbia

Vancouver Island to Seattle: Spend a Day Exploring the Olympic Peninsula on Your Way Back!

Just because you are back in the U.S. doesn’t mean you have to end your trip. If you are able, spend a day exploring this beautiful area before heading home! In addition to having great beaches and other fun attractions, Port Angeles is the gateway to Olympic National Park.

Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park, Washington

Fair warning – trying to pick one or two options in beautiful ONP is going to be a struggle! This is an area you will have to revisit when you have a few days or a week to dedicate to exploring more of it’s beauty.

BUT when you are so close, you have to at least get a taste, right? So, here are some suggestions of places to hit up if you have time: Lake Crescent, Hurricane Ridge (weather permitting) and/or the Hoh Rainforest (about ~2.5 hours away, so more of a day trip than the others).

Wet Road in Olympic National Park, Washington

So, are you ready to hit the road for a Vancouver Island getaway?

Don’t forget to pack these essentials for rainy weather:

  • Rain Jackets: I have a very comfortable Rain Jacket from The North Face. And, Buddy has a Spyder Men’s Leader Jacket that he loves, however, this is also his go-to winter top layer so it may be a little overkill (and a bit too pricey) just for rain. Make sure whichever jacket you go with that it is waterproof, not just resistant – especially if you will be in heavy rain.
  • Waterproof Pants: We searched for a week for affordable waterproof pants! There are lots of water-resistant ones, but when you know you will be getting soaked, you don’t want to risk rain seeping through. We finally lucked out by finding these options: Columbia Women’s Storm Surge Pant & Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Pant. They aren’t going to be the most fashionable choice you make all year, but they kept us super dry!
  • Camera Cover: You can completely ruin a camera by letting it get too wet. Even a constant drizzle can do major damage. So, protect your gear! We just use these inexpensive OP/TECH Rainsleeves, and they do the trick!
  • Dry bag for camera and other belongings: These are great for rainy hikes, boat tours, kayaking, and any other activities that may lead to you getting very wet. We went with the Aqua Quest Stylin Backpack. It is big enough to hold everything we need and it kept everything dry. Just velcro the top, roll it, and clip to keep your belongings safe!

Check out this video to make sure you are ready for your road trip!

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Best Ever Seattle to Vancouver Island Road Trip Itinerary