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When we walked into The Beach Club Resort in Parksville, BC, we were greeted with a giant smile from Alex at the front desk. While checking us in, he said that we had a “big ol’ ocean view” and I wanted to hug him. We hadn’t even seen our room yet. But I knew it was going to exceed our expectations.

the beach club resort parksville bc

The Ocean-View Suite

No time was wasted after the keys were in our hands. We left the bags in the car and headed upstairs straight away to see this amazing view we were eagerly anticipating. When we opened our door we were greeted with a beautiful suite that felt more like a luxury condo than a hotel room.

the beach club resort parksville bc

The curtains were all drawn. So we had the pleasure of experiencing a big reveal of our view! And when we pushed aside the curtains, we both gasped at the stunning floor-to-ceiling ocean panorama. We knew we had made an excellent choice.

the beach club resort parksville bc

After spending a good five minutes staring at our view, we wandered around the rest of our home for the weekend. Per usual, I headed straight to the bathroom to check out the tub situation. I love to take long baths on vacation. So, I was so happy to see a soaking tub next to our shower. There were even robes to use for optimal relaxation points!

the beach club resort parksville bc

I also loved that the complimentary toiletries are donated to local shelters and others in need instead of being thrown away. The hotel is also dedicated to energy-saving and “green” initiatives. It is always a great bonus when you are staying somewhere that prioritizes helping others and our environment.

the beach club resort parksville bc

The bedroom  had another massive ocean-front view. It was the perfect place to recharge after a long day of exploring. We even cracked the door to the deck, so we could fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the ocean. It was perfect!

the beach club resort parksville bc

We also spent many hours sitting on our deck, watching the waves and trying to spot sea lions. We saw about a dozen during our stay! Plus, countless birds.

the beach club resort parksville bc

Our kitchen was also a favorite. It had everything we needed – from a bottle opener to pots and pans. We were even able to make our own meal one of the nights. Having the option to stay in (and save some money) while on vacation is wonderful. And I quite like the experience of grocery shopping in a new place. You never know what interesting food you may find.

the beach club resort parksville bc

I loved snuggling up on the couch with some wine while the fire warmed the room and the waves crashed outside our window. It was storm season during our stay. So this was the perfect way to spend our nights after adventuring in the rain all day!

the beach club resort parksville bc

Resort Amenities

While having the option to cook your own meal is nice, treating yourself to something extra delicious while on vacation is always a good idea, too! We loved our meal at the on-site restaurant, Pacific Prime. And the staff there was wonderful!

the beach club resort parksville bc

Speaking of treats, who else loves a good soak in a hot tub while on a holiday? Not only is there an indoor hot tub with great views of the ocean, but also a heated pool and a fitness center. All three are open from 5:30 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. We loved getting to soak our sore bodies after hours of driving and hiking.

the beach club resort parksville bcthe beach club resort parksville bc

And we were extra excited to see that our suite had a washer and dryer. It is always a bummer to have to put wet bathing suits back into your suitcase. The underground parking, WiFi and on-site spa are other convenient amenities that make a stay at The Beach Club Resort extra enjoyable.

the beach club resort parksville bcWant more details about our stay? Watch our video tour:

Nearby Activities

As nice as the resort is, its location makes it all the more desirable. A stroll along the waterfront walkway is a must while staying at The Beach Club Resort! This ocean-front boardwalk begins just behind the resort and leads to a great place to see bald eagles.

central vancouver island parksville waterfront walkway

Apparently the eagles nest in this area and spend a lot of time on the tiny island. We saw them on both our morning and afternoon walks.

central vancouver island parksville waterfront walkwayParksville is also close to many other amazing hiking trails – including Englishman River Falls, Little Qualicum Falls and Cathedral Grove. All within 30 minutes of the resort, these hikes are a must when you are in the area. For more things to do in Parksville, check out our list of can’t miss activities.

waterfalls-parksville-bccentral vancouver island cathedral grove

This area is truly beautiful. And The Beach Club Resort was the perfect base for our Vancouver Island explorations. Even with rain dripping down on us during our entire stay, we loved every minute we got to spend in the Parksville area. But, of course, warming up in our luxury suite each night definitely helped! 

the beach club resort parksville bc

A portion of our stay with The Beach Club Resort was complimentary, however our opinions are always our own. 

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