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Whether staying in the lovely city of Parksville, BC, or just passing through on a Vancouver Island road trip, exploring the Vancouver Island waterfalls of Englishman River Falls & Little Qualicum Falls are two activities that everyone should add to their itinerary. These two short and easy hikes are very similar, however, each provides its own fantastic views of these two beautiful waterfalls.

Englishman River Falls

Getting to Englishman River Falls

Englishman River Falls Provincial Park is located in central Vancouver Island, about 20 minutes from Parksville, BC. From Highway 4, toward Port Alberni, take Errington Road and follow the signs to the parking area. (Note: there is also an Englishman River Regional Park nearby. While beautiful, this is not the location for Englishman River Falls).

Bridge going over Englishman River Falls with autumn leaves
The bridge right by the parking lot for Englishman River Falls

The Englishman River Falls Trail

Just under 2 miles round-trip (3 kilometers), this easy hike takes you through old growth forests, along the Englishman River and by many great places to admire the falls. The Englishman River Falls is just a short walk from the parking lot and a must-see even if you are only able to stop for a quick look before heading on your way.

Stand on the bridge overlooking this massive waterfall to feel the mist on your face and hear the powerful water roaring below you.

The powerful Vancouver Island waterfall of Englishman River Falls flowing through a heavily treed canyon

The Englishman River Falls trail then follows along the river through beautiful forests and next to steep canyon cliffs (don’t worry there are fences to keep you far enough from the drop-off). And at the last bridge you are even able to go sit by the water for a relaxing break.

Sitting on a rock next to Englishman River looking towards the pedestrian bridge

Complete the Englishman River Falls loop by crossing over the bridge and following the trail back to the parking area. But, don’t forget to stop along the way for more beautiful views of the river below and to admire the various trees and other plant life on the trail.

Looking off the edge of the trail into the wooded area of Englishman River Falls Provincial Park
Trees growing along the trail loop for Englishman River Falls

Little Qualicum Falls

Little Qualicum Falls flowing through a very lush and green forest

Getting to Little Qualicum Falls

Another can’t miss stop off of Highway 4, about 15 minutes from Parksville, is Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. Just keep an eye out for the sign on your way from Parksville to Port Alberni.

Little Qualicum Falls flowing under a bridge with a tree laying across the river

The Little Qualicum Falls Trail

Similar to the Englishman River Falls trail, the Little Qualicum Falls loop is just under 2 miles (about 3 kilometers) and a fairly easy hike. The trail starts with a somewhat steep walk down a wooden staircase to the lower falls bridge. This is a great place to take in the power and beauty of the falls.

Little Qualicum Falls flowing through the canyon
Danger sign warning of extreme hazards next to Little Qualicum Falls

Next head up the trail along the canyon while you listen to the powerful water of Little Qualicum Falls below. Soon you will reach another bridge with a roaring waterfall to the left of it and a quiet river to the right.

Make sure to spend time admiring both before wandering back down the other side of the river to your car.

Little Qualicum Falls in Parksville, BC, Canada
River flowing below the trail at Little Qualicum Falls

A few notes on visiting these Vancouver Island waterfalls:

These two hikes to Vancouver Island waterfalls are beautiful any time of year and should definitely make it on your Vancouver Island bucket list – even if you just walk out to the viewpoints and skip the loops! It rained during our entire trip to Vancouver Island, but the rain only made this area even more beautiful. Just make sure to wear waterproof everything!

During the summer you can even swim in the calmer areas of these rivers – just check to make sure you are definitely in a safe spot first! There are also plenty of areas for picnics. We can’t wait to go back when it is a bit warmer to enjoy these great recreational activities.

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Stunning Vancouver Island Waterfalls: Englishman River Falls & Little Qualicum Falls