Iceland’s Blue Lagoon vs. Myvatn Nature Baths

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Iceland has become a very popular vacation destination in recent years and the reasons why are quite obvious if you have seen any pictures of this amazing place. One of the most iconic and well-known bucket-list destinations in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. However, the Myvatn Nature Baths are an amazing, very similar option too. But, which is best for you? Here’s a handy comparison to help you decide between Iceland’s Blue Lagoon vs. Myvatn Nature Baths:



BL: If you are flying into Keflavik near Reykjavik, this is definitely the more convenient option of the two. Many people spend the day here before they leave or right after getting to Iceland since it is very close to the airport. They even have places for you to store luggage (for a fee).

MNB: An out-of-the-way location, especially if you are based in Reykjavik. But perfect if you are driving the Ring Road since you will be craving a nice place to relax about half way in. If flying into Akureyri, it is only about 2 hours away.




BL: Black volcanic rock for miles and miles and miles. Some covered in green moss for added beauty.

MNB: Overlooking the city of Myvatn, including the gorgeous and vast Myvatn Lake.



BL: Since this is a bucket-list item for many people, it can be pretty crowded – especially during peak hours and seasons. That was my least favorite thing about it. However, we went on a Sunday – so perhaps it would have been better on a weekday!

MNB: Definitely not as crowded even on weekends. We had plenty of space all to ourselves and everyone around was quiet and chill.


Unique Features

BL: This place is huge! And there are waterfalls, caves and rocky areas to lounge on. Plus, buckets of silica to rub all over you – it’s great for your skin! And they have some awesome souvenir options!

MNB: Smaller, but many enjoyable areas to sprawl out ­including underwater benches. Also worth noting, this area of the country has a bunch of unique geothermal areas to check out!

Lava Restaurant

On-Site Food & Drinks

BL: The Lava Restaurant is an on site, upscale option and it is superb. You get to have a delicious dinner, dessert and a cocktail while you look over the serene waters of the lagoon – kind of hard to beat! This was definitely a highlight for us. There is also a swim up bar in the lagoon with a few different options. It was definitely the most popular place to be!

MNB: The Kaffi Kviki has some basic options in a cafe atmosphere. Nothing too fancy, but it will do the trick if you are hungry after taking a dip.


Other Things to Note

BL: The level of silica seemed way higher here. I dipped my head in both baths, but my hair was crunchy for days after the Blue Lagoon – even after putting tons of leave-in conditioner in.

MNB: The midges don’t bug you once you are actually around the water, but walking up to the building you are likely to get swarmed. They are all over Myvatn. Hate those things!

(Warning: Don’t wear jewelry into the water at either place, it will have negative effects).


Man-made baths not your thing? Take advantage of one of the dozens of natural hot springs throughout the country! They are seriously all over the place… just ask a local where to find one nearby.


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