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Adjacent to Standley Lake in Westminster, CO, is an awesome place where dogs run free among 420-acres of rolling hills, ponds and shady areas. Plus, the mountain views don’t hurt! However, Westminster Hills Off-Leash Dog Park is a fun place to wander on a sunny day regardless of whether you have a furry bestie to bring along.


Great for Dogs & Dog Lovers

With lots of trails and nice places to sit and enjoy the hilarity of an off-leash dog park, this is the perfect place to get some outdoor therapy. At first I felt a little creepy wandering around a dog park without a dog. But the dogs made me feel right at home in no time.

In only a few minutes I was greeted by multiple pups that couldn’t wait to make me their newest friend and give me big slobbery kisses.


Buddy and I LOVE dogs but are not ready to take on that responsibility quite yet. (Plus, the princess cat doesn’t want to share our attention). This is the perfect way to get my puppy fix. It is almost impossible to leave this place without a smile!


Why the Pups Love It

If you DO have a dog that’s even better! There is so much space for the pups to run and play. They are sure to be exhausted after a few hours. We love meeting our friend Andrea here for walks with her fur-babies (featured in these photos). It is hilarious to watch them play and interact with other dogs.


Definitely check out this little gem next time you are in Westminster, CO! Just note- it can get packed on nice days, so make sure to get there early or be prepared to park up the street and walk a little ways to the park entrance. We like parking near Standley Lake and walking over.


Westminster Hills Dog Park near Standley Lake in Colorado is great for humans that want to enjoy this gorgeous area too! Trail review includes photos, details and tips.#colorado #hike #boulder  #denver #flatirons #dogpark