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Marriage tips and inspirational stories for a happy life from a couple who dropped everything to follow their dreams and passions.

white sands

Our Top 7 RV Life Goals

Well, we've officially been on the road for one month. And, although we are still just winging it route-wise, there are some RV life...
by the river texas

A Week By the River in Texas: Embracing Slow Travel

When we decided to become location independent, we had a lot of talks about where we would go once we hit the road. It...
happy camper van iceland

How Two Weeks of Van Life in Iceland Led to Full-Time RV Life

Have you ever been infected by an idea? It enters your brain and won't die no matter how much you try to smother it...

How to Prevent Everyday Problems in Relationships from Becoming Big Issues

Anyone who has been in a committed relationship for a while knows that it is a common reality to feel more in love than...

Why You’re NOT Selfish for Moving Away

Moving away from your loved ones to blaze your own path can feel like the most selfish thing in the world. Not getting to see...

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