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While planning our epic friendcation to Kauai with our travel besties, a tour of the Na Pali Coast was high on our must-do list. Although a helicopter ride looked epic, a boat tour was a little more budget friendly. Plus, we loved that it would also allow us to do some snorkeling! We were psyched when we called Makana Charters and they had room for a trip that left on our very last afternoon in Kauai. Turns out, the Na Pali Coast boat tour totally lives up to its hype!

napali coast tour

Getting to the Cliffs

After a relaxing day at our B&B, we loaded into the car and set off to meet Makana Charters. Luckily, we left early and had plenty of time … because someone thought we were going to the boat harbor around the corner, not the one 40 minutes away. But, we got there with plenty of time to spare and felt our anticipation rising as we waited to board.

napali coast boat tour

Once on the boat, we made our way out to the cliffs. It took about an hour and wasn’t a completely smooth ride – but not bad. We all had taken two Dramamine each in anticipation of possibly rough seas, so we bobbed along in a bit of a haze until the action started.

napali coast boat tourHowever, we really appreciated the sociable staff who told us stories and pointed out areas as we made our way to the main attraction. While the wind whipping through our hair (and over the guy’s heads) was a delight, the conversation helped us not to get lulled to sleep in our drowsy state.

napali coast boat tour

Exploring the Na Pali Coast

However, sleep wasn’t a worry once we reached those cliffs! Wow!

napali coast boat tour

They just seem to overcome you out of nowhere. Words can’t even describe how absolutely stunning and unreal the Na Pali Coast is. No wonder this place was used to set the scene for Jurassic Park – it feels like you are going back in time to another untouched version of our world. What an epic view!

kauai friendcation

As we cruised along, we saw caves and waterfalls. And we even went into a few!

napali coast boat tournapali coast boat tournapali coast boat tournapali coast boat tour

Snorkeling Stop

Another highlight for our little group was our break for snorkeling. Buddy and I had fallen in love with exploring under the surface of that iconic crystal blue water in Hawaii, and we were psyched to share that with some of our favorite people. 

kauai friendcation

However, it was Kelley’s first time – and snorkeling is a bit strange until you get used to it. But, we were all impressed with how patient and kind one of the boat mates were for taking the time to show her how to use her mask and snorkel. He got her in the water and made sure she was comfortable, and even came over to check on her a few times. She admitted she was a little scared at first and his help really allowed her to calm down, learn this new way of exploring the area, and actual enjoy it!

kauai friendcationWe swam and floated around for about an hour – spotting many colorful fish and even a sea turtle, before eventually returning to the boat to eat some of the lunch they had packed for us. While the sandwiches were okay, the homemade brownies were amazing after a long day out on the water!

napali coast boat tournapali coast boat tournapali coast boat tourSomehow, they even arranged for a few dolphins to put on a show on the way back! What a fantastic way to spend our last day in Kauai. If you are planning a trip, don’t miss this opportunity to see why Kauai is such a magical and inspiring place.

napali coast boat tourSpecial thanks to Makana Charters for providing us with a discounted rate for this adventure. As always, all opinions are our own.

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While planning our epic friendcation to Kauai, we knew a tour of the Na Pali Coast was high on our list. So, we were happy Makana Charters had room us! It was some of the best views in all of Hawaii, and the snorkeling was an added bonus! #bucketlist #napali #kauai #vacation #island #boattour #hawaii #snorkeling

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