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Sometimes (most of the time) around mid-day I have an uncontrollable need to feel a trail beneath my feet and the sun on my skin. Luckily, there are dozens of trails near my office to help me get my Vitamin-D fix. One of my favorites is the Teller Farms Trail in Boulder County – which even has two access points.

Rocky Mountains in the view of the Teller Farms Trail over the cow pasture.

Teller Farm South Trailhead

The Teller Farm South Trailhead is located off of Arapahoe Rd. between 75th and 95th Streets. The turn onto the trail is a bit hard to see, so keep an eye out for it. The road is dirt and can be a bit bumpy at times, but isn’t too bad. However, the parking lot can be really mucky if it has recently rained or snowed.

Gate at entry to Teller Farm South Trailhead in Boulder, Colorado

From the parking lot, turn right onto the trail (which you may need to share with a few cows). It’s less than half a mile to Teller Lake #1. This spot has a little dock that is great for a picnic or some mid-day yoga. The rest of the trail goes to the Teller Farm North Trailhead and is about 2.5 miles total – perfect for a run or bike ride. But very little shade is available, so in the summer it gets hot!

Trails and lake near Teller Farm South Trailhead in Boulder, Colorado

Teller Farm North Trailhead

The Teller Farm North Trailhead is easier to get to – the parking lot is located right off of Valmont Rd. between 75th and 95th Streets. As you wander down the trail (to the left of the parking lot), you will pass some farming equipment and maybe even some stacks of hay.

Trails near Teller Farm North Trailhead in Boulder, Colorado

Along the trail, you will enjoy great sprawling views of the mountains and wide-open grassy areas, plus a few scattered trees that are home to song birds… which sing the perfect tune for a mid-day stroll through open space.

Trails near Teller Farm Trail in Boulder, Colorado

From the North Trailhead you can also get to the East Boulder-White Rocks Trail by walking down the path alongside Valmont Rd. After a short distance, the trail goes across the road and goes through some beautiful farm lands. It continues on for about 3 miles and turns into Gunbarrel Farms.

Trails near Teller Farm Trail in Boulder, Colorado

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in Boulder County, pull up a map of your area and check out some of the awesome trails available for a weekday escape of your own!

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Teller Farms Trail Near Boulder: Weekday Escape