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I’ll be honest, San Antonio, Texas, was not on my list of must-see places. But since we were there to visit family we had to check out the acclaimed San Antonio River Walk, and I’m so glad we did. I had no idea this wonderful and unique place was in the heart of San Antonio.

The trees and mini-waterfalls lining the river make you forget you are in the middle of a big city in no time. And the colorful boats making their way along the river add a sense of whimsical fun to such a picturesque area.

San Antonio River Walk

Taking the Tour Boat Ride

Speaking of boats, the tour boat is a great alternative to walking the length of the river. And you get to learn fun facts about the history of the river and nearby buildings as you cruise around. It is really affordable (only $8.25) and only take about 35 minutes.

After you get your fill of exploring and shopping, check out one of the many restaurants along the river. Sit under an umbrella (maybe with a delicious frozen cocktail) as you watch the boats glide along the water.

San Antonio River Walk

Other Activities

This area is home to many other interesting places: Japanese Tea Gardens, San Antonio Missions and the Tower of the Americas to name a few.

Just don’t forget to visit the Alamo! It is super close to the River Walk and may even be on your way back to the parking lot.

San Antonio River Walk

I truly did love this area of the city! Even on a super-crowded, scorching hot day it was still a blast.

A few Tips for a Great Day in San Antonio

  • It is probably going to be crowded and hard to find parking if you are going on a weekend. So try to get there early if possible.
  • Make sure to bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a big ol’ bottle of water too. It can get hot out there and there are some spots, especially on the boats, where you are in direct sunlight.
  • And of course, a camera is a must with so many picturesque spots to enjoy.

UPDATE: We actually ended up moving to San Antonio in January 2017 to live with family while we look for an RV! Full-time RV life wasn’t even on our radar when this post was written in 2015! Life is funny like that sometimes.Taking a quick trip to San Antonio, Texas and need some things to do? Check out this guide to making the most of a short time in the city with a visit to the River Walk and Alamo.#texas #sanantonio #riverwalk #cityguide #alamo