big island hawaii

Visiting Hawaii’s Big Island During the Kilauea Eruption

The realities of visiting an island with an active volcano didn't really hit me until we were there - until we were driving along...
big island manta ray

Hawaii Big Island Manta Ray Night Diving vs. Snorkeling

When traveling as a couple, sometimes you have to make a few compromises and push past your personal comfort zone to do something your...
Hiking to Kalaupapa Molokai

Hiking to Kalaupapa – Molokai’s Most Remote Town, with a Dark Past

It is hard not to be curious when you find out the remote island you are visiting has an even more remote area not...
snorkeling in molokai

Snorkeling in Molokai with Sea Turtles & Reef Fish

Can you believe us Florida kids have never been on a legitimate, actual, see-cool-stuff-in-the-water snorkeling trip? Us either. I don't know what took us...
halawa valley falls

A Glimpse of ‘Old Hawaii’ on Molokai’s Halawa Valley Falls Cultural Hike

They have a saying on the Hawaiian island of Molokai: “Don’t change Molokai, let Molokai change you.” While this is definitely a plea to...

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