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If you aren’t scouring Google Maps to find unique hidden gems before visiting a new place, you are really missing out. Recently, our obsession with checking this great resource led us to some stunning views at the ‘Heart of Santorini’ in Megalochori, Greece.

Knowing that we would have some extra time before our wonderful cooking class with Petra Kouzina, we decided to take the short detour to see how well this place held up to its intriguing name.

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heart of santorini megalochori

Getting to the Heart of Santorini in Megalochori

When it comes to public transport, the heart of Santorini is actually Fira (aka Thera). All the buses go through that bustling city. So, assuming you are bussing it from there, like we did .. just hop off on the Boutari Winery stop near Thermes Luxury Villas in Megalochori for the closest option without a car. (Note: If you aren’t sure which bus to take, ask! Everyone on the transport team that we spoke to was very helpful.)

heart of santorini megalochori

Granted, you will have to walk on the side of the road for a short distance once dropped off at the small shelter. However, this is actually quite an easy little hike – about 10 minutes. But, with the unnamed roads, it is easier to just check out the map screenshot above.

You’ll know you are in the right place when you reach the amazing, wide-open views of the ocean and island. There is also a cute little windmill nearby.

heart of santorini megalochori

Once at the dirt trail, you’ll soon get to some steps leading down to the ‘Heart of Santorini’ – a naturally carved hole with an amazing view of the caldera and cliffs!

heart of santorini megalochori

If driving, I’m sure you could find a safe place to park near to the trail. Just be careful not to block anyone in!

Bonus: Agios Nikolaos

If you’ve made it to the Heart of Santorini, you’ll likely see the bells atop a small church just below this viewpoint. Be sure to go down there to check out this beautiful place of worship, carved directly into the cliff!

The doors were open when we went, so we quietly and respectfully entered. It is definitely not made for tall people (one of these days, Buddy really is going to get knocked out!), but it is very gorgeous inside and interesting to look around.

heart of santorini megalochori

On your way back, wander around if time allows. This coastal trail is really quite breathtaking.

heart of santorini megalochori

And that’s it! Just another beautiful spot to add to your list in Santorini. Oia and Thera are stunning (of course!), but smaller cities like Megalochori have just as much charm – and way fewer crowds. Don’t be afraid to go off and explore. With tools like Google Maps (our favorite free option!), you can really find some amazing hidden gems.

Happy travels!

heart of santorini megalochori
Stumbling Upon the \'Heart of Santorini\' Near Megalochori, Greece