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I’m usually pretty out of the loop with the news, but it is hard to miss the many headlines and memes about people currently stockpiling toilet paper and other necessities around the world.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to weigh in on the panic around COVID-19 here. This is all about TP and the obsessive need some people have of stockpiling toilet paper when there is a chance of being trapped inside. (I grew up in Florida and this was the case with EVERY hurricane, so I know!) However, there is a genius solution available on our trusty BFF, Amazon. And I think everyone should get one.

While a lot of people take this stockpiling thing to the extreme. I do get it. Running out of TP is no fun and weeks without it would be really shitty (hadddd to – sorry not sorry!) I’ve also read that toilet paper represents control and comfort to some, who seek that when afraid. Makes sense. But with recent news, it seems to also represent the complete unraveling of society with how intense the situation is in places.

But, what if there was an invention that allowed you to keep your guest room free of a toilet paper mountain, saved you money, AND even cleaned you better?

Introducing: The Bidet!

You may think of a bidet as that separate short, tiny water-fountain-looking thing you’ve seen in French bathrooms – or movies. I have to confess, I’ve been in many a bathroom with that, looked up diagrams of how to use it, and still feel too intimidated to give it a try.

But, the mind-blowing thing is … there are other options out there! Ones us Americans can use with ease and even (GASP!) enjoy. We’ve personally used a very fancy bidet we love at multiple house sitting gigs that is actually just part of the toilet seat. On this awesome bidet toilet seat, there are controls on the side for all sorts of things. You can basically get anything from a light sprits to a powerwash down there. All temperature-controlled, of course! And you can even use an option to have your netherregions blown dry afterward. Luxurious, right?

The first time I used it, I almost flew off the seat because it is a bit of a shock to someone who has never used one. But, it quickly got to the top of our must-have-if-we-ever-have-a-house-again list.

While the above-mentioned bidet option will put you back a few hundred dollars, there are plenty of other options that are much more affordable and really easy to install. Some aren’t much more than one of those giant Costco-sized toilet paper roll packages are! Like this bidet sprayer or this toilet bidet attachment – both less than $35.

And if you are really on a budget, many other countries just have a bucket they use to splash water down there and use their hand. No judgment – I’ve read it’s not so bad, but that’s a little too far out of my comfort zone and seems to only really work well with squat toilets. So, I’m not going there. However, it does really make you think how fortunate we are to have the option to choose whether we want to stock up on toilet paper in a crisis or buy a fancy bidet …

So, Are You Ready to Stop Stockpiling Toilet Paper?

As a self-proclaimed germaphobe, I get the concern with a public bidet, but having one in your own home can actually save you a ton of money, help the environment, save on coveted storage space, and keep you extra clean. (Read this great article about why bidets are so popular around the world).

If giving up TP altogether just sounds like too much, this option will at least help you use less! Which will put an end to the stockpiling of toilet paper since you won’t need handfuls worth anymore and that space can be used for something you’ll enjoy more if trapped at home. And if you are looking for control and comfort, you may be surprised by how much the bidet can provide that as well!

What do you think? Are you going to give a bidet a try or what?

Stockpiling Toilet Paper? Just Buy a Bidet Already!