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InMotion Hosting
InMotion has been great for us! I have contacted their customer support on a few occasions and all my questions were answered and very timely.

Previously we used BlueHost, which had us on a blacklisted shared IP address (most likely due to someone else on the IP doing questionable things). This prevented us from using many plugins, some including Google Analytics. Upon contacting BlueHost they REFUSED to move us to an unblacklisted IP, even after validating the IP was blacklisted in numerous locations. Instead, they tried to upsell us on a dedicated IP. InMotion tracks the usage on IP addresses, and if for some reason, one is blacklisted, they will move you. They also offered free site migration from BlueHost. We don’t regret this move at all.

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Warfare Plugins
Social Warfare (Social Plugin)
Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that adds beautiful, lightning-fast social share buttons to your website or blog. But that’s only the beginning…

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Creative Live
This is a really cool resource. When live, the videos are free. But they also give you an option to buy ones you want instant access to.

Build a Successful Creative Blog Course at CreativeLive

This option for sending bulk emails is really easy to use and does a great job tracking our emails. Plus, it is free is you have a smaller email list!

Visit Mailchimp

Photo size can really slow down site speed. Running photos through this will optimize them for web. It has a web interface, as well as one for Lightroom.

Visit JPEGmini

WP Rocket
We use this for caching (helps load speed) and file minimazation. It also gives you the ability to lazy load images per page (helps with speed as well).

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WP Time Capsule
This backs up our site. It syncs with DRopBox, Amazon and Google Drive.

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An Easy Way to Support Our Blog

You can help us keep this blog going simply by using our link when shopping on Amazon. As part of the Amazon affiliate program, we will get a small percentage of any purchase made through our link – at no additional cost to you! It may seem small, but it would help us nomad kids greatly. Thanks a bunch!
P.S. Don’t forget to bookmark this for future use.

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