Meet Vik the View

NOTE: As of April 2019, we are no longer living in an RV. We are currently pet and house sitting full-time instead to enjoy international travel options. However, we wanted to leave this here for anyone else considering an RV like this, in case it is helpful. Enjoy!

Vik the View

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our family, our adventure mobile and home: Vik!

This awesome RV was named after one of our favorite cities in Iceland – the place that inspired our nomadic life. After spending two weeks exploring the country in a camper van we were hooked on the freedom that lifestyle provided. Less than two years later, we are hitting the road in our home country!

(Read more about how we went from two weeks of van life in Iceland to full-time RVing).


The Details

Our handsome home on wheels is a Winnebago View 24V. This 25’7” RV is perfect for the two of us and our fluffy fur baby. (Although the cat is yet to agree).

From the beginning of our research, we knew we had to go with Winnebago. We loved the options they had, the great reviews we read and the drop test (look this up if you haven’t seen it – super impressive).

After lots of trips to multiple dealerships, and meeting some real-life View owners, we knew it was the model for us. It was just the right size and had a diesel engine (a must for the amount of exploring we plan to do). Plus, it has solar, a king bed (that actually fits Buddy – he is 6’3”), a loft for when our nephew visits and enough storage space for the necessities. But not so much room that we will end up with a bunch of stuff we don’t need again. (Read about all of our must-have RV items here).


We were psyched to find one with our favorite color combo at a small dealership outside San Antonio, TX. The team at Ronnie Bock’s Kerrville RV were amazing to work with. No high-pressure sales and they even set us up at a local RV resort for our first night, after spending a few hours making sure we understood all the ins and outs of our new home. Definitely a great way to start our new adventure!

(Read more about how we found our new home in this article we wrote for the WinnebagoLife blog).

Baum RV

The Plan

Our plan is to have no plan. We don’t have an end date. There is no lofty goal to see every road-side attraction or visit each amusement park in America. Although, there are many places we would like to see and hope to get to, we want to allow this journey to take us to unexpected destinations. Perhaps we will take a right and see where we end up. Maybe we will take a break and work on a farm for a few months. Or get invited to visit an awesome city not even on our radar. Not knowing is what makes this an adventure!

The only thing that is certain is that we will be outside every single day. And we will continue to share tons of pictures and fun stories about the places we explore and lessons we learn.

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Meet Vik the View